Tradisional Game in Malaysia: The beauty of Malaysian

Traditional games are an invaluable asset in preserving culture and developing the spirit of togetherness in Malaysian society.

In a world that is increasingly sophisticated with modern technology, these traditional games embody a legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation, taking us across time and reminding us of our rich cultural roots.

Each traditional game is like a slice of life story that describes the life, values, and world view of the people of the past.

Each traditional game has unique features that reflect the cultural diversity and uniqueness of Malaysian society.

They are not just entertainment activities, but also bring lessons about cooperation, strategy, and team spirit.

Games such as gasing, congkak, batu seremban, and sepak raga bulatan have become an important part of Malaysian society, crossing ethnic and age boundaries.


tradisional game in malaysia
tradisional game in malaysia

Gasing is one of the traditional games that is very popular among the Malaysian community.

The game involves using a top, which is a type of tool that is rotated on the ground or in a sand pit, and the aim is to achieve the longest time in the spin of the top.

Traditional tops are made of wood or metal, with distinctive designs including roofed and crescent-shaped shapes.

In the top game, participants will use a rope pulled by hand to turn the top on the ground. Once the top reaches sufficient speed, it will be placed on the ground or in a sand pit.

The next player’s turn will try to spin his top with enough power to overtake the previous top. The top that can rotate the longest is considered the winner.

The top game not only requires skill in turning the top, but also understanding the wind conditions and the playing area to achieve the best performance.


tradisional game in malaysia
tradisional game in malaysia

Congkak is one of the traditional games that is very popular among the people of Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region.

This game involves a wooden board with several small holes, as well as nuts or stones used as game tools.

The main objective of this game is to collect as many seeds as possible in the holes of the board.

In the bragging game, each player will have an area of holes on the board in front of him.

Players will take seeds from one of the holes in their area and flow them clockwise to the next holes, including into their large “house” at the end of the board.

Players must use strategy to try to take a piece from the opponent’s hole and prevent the opponent from taking a piece from their hole.

This game not only involves strategy elements, but also develops thinking skills and efficiency in planning game steps.

Sepak Raga Bulatan

tradisional game in malaysia
tradisional game in malaysia

Sepak Raga Bulatan, also known as “Sepak Takraw,” is a traditional Southeast Asian game that combines elements of soccer with special dance techniques.

In this game, three players from each team try to keep the takraw soccer ball from touching the ground by using their legs, chest, head, or other body parts, and send the ball across the net in the middle of the playing field.

Sepak Raga Bulatan emphasizes team cooperation, flexibility, and precision in handling the ball made of woven coconut leaves or rubber.

The game of Roundabout Soccer is known for its amazing variety of kicking techniques, including “back kicks,” “body throws,” and “chest thrusts.”

The players pass the ball in various styles that demand high training, efficiency, and control.

The glory of this game technique often amazes the audience and reminds of the beauty of movement and traditional skills in Southeast Asian culture.


tradisional game in malaysia
tradisional game in malaysia

Wau is a type of traditional kite that has a unique and special shape in Malaysian culture. “Wau” is a term in the Malay language that refers to kites, and this game has become a legacy passed down from generation to generation.

Usually made from carefully shaped bamboo frames and colored paper, kites come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns, reflecting the artistic beauty and creativity of Malaysian society.

Each kite has unique characteristics, for example, the “Moon Kite” has a beautiful crescent shape, while the “Cat Kite” has a design depicting a cat’s head.

Traditional wau are also often decorated with traditional patterns such as flowers and Malay decorative motifs. Wau is not only a tool for entertainment and play, but also an art that requires patience and creativity in its making.

These kites are often operated during competitions and festivals, becoming a symbol of cultural heritage that lights up the skies and hearts of Malaysians.

Batu Seremban

tradisional game in malaysia
tradisional game in malaysia

Batu Seremban is a traditional game that involves hand dexterity and eye coordination. This game uses a set of small stones that are usually made of cloth, paper, or other light materials.

There are various levels of difficulty in this game involving different amounts of stones and patterns.

In the Batu Seremban game, players will throw a stone into the air and try to pick up one or more other stones from the ground before the thrown stone falls back.

The players will then throw the picked stones into the air, and their task is to pick up more stones with each throw.

The game tests the player’s accuracy, speed, and dexterity. Batu Seremban is not only an entertaining game, but also involves elements of skills that need to be mastered through continuous training.


In conclusion, traditional games are valuable assets in our culture that need to be preserved and passed on to future generations.

Each game is not only entertaining, but also brings the values of life, cooperation, and skills to its players.

In a world that is increasingly sophisticated with technology, these traditional games remind us of our rich cultural roots and become a medium to pass down traditional values to the younger generation.

It is important to pay attention to these traditional games so that they are not forgotten in the modern wave.

By teaching, playing, and promoting traditional games to the community, we can ensure that our cultural heritage remains alive and growing.

Through traditional games, we can foster the spirit of togetherness, dexterity, and creativity in our community, while celebrating the diversity and richness of our culture.

Frequently Asked Questions about traditional games in Malaysia

  1. What is a traditional game?
    Traditional games refer to types of games that have long existed in the culture of society and are passed down from generation to generation.
  2. Why are traditional games important?
    Traditional games play an important role in preserving cultural heritage, teaching traditional values, and building a spirit of togetherness in society.
  3. How do traditional games affect society?
    Traditional games can foster cooperation, speed, strategy, and social skills in society. They also help the community to recognize their cultural identity.
  4. What are some examples of popular traditional games?
    Some examples of popular traditional games include congkak, gasing, batu seremban, wau, sepak raga bulatan, and many more.
  5. How can we defend traditional games?
    We can preserve traditional games by teaching them to the younger generation, holding competitions or festivals, and promoting awareness of these cultural values.
  6. Are traditional games relevant in the modern world?
    Yes, traditional games have relevant value in the modern world because they teach aspects such as cooperation, strategy, and physical skills that remain important.

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